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Betrothal in a Monastery

Published on 30.04.2015 at 11:50

Betrothal in a Monastery
lyric-comic opera in four acts, nine scenes
Music by Sergei Prokofiev
Libretto by the composer and Mira Mendelson, after the play The Duenna by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Stage Director: Vladislav Pazi
Set Designer: Alla Kozhenkova
Lighting Designer: Anatoly Kuznetsov
Principal Chorus Master: Andrei Petrenko
Musical Preparation: Marina Mishuk
Choreographer: Nikolai Androsov
First performance in Russia (USSR): 3 November 1946, Kirov Opera, Leningrad (St Petersburg)
Premiere of this production: 14 September 1996, Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg